Art & Design

The Samuel Ward Art and Design course follows the fine art route which allows students to explore a range of two or three dimensional approaches to their studies including film, textiles, painting, fashion, animation, photography, sculpture and multi-media experiences. This Art and Design course can be taken discretely against other subjects but also complements creative subjects such as Media, English and Photography.
All our staff are highly experienced and practicing artists with a wide range of specialist skills. They will regularly monitor your work through group discussion and individual assessment, both verbal and written. As part of the Trust we will also be working alongside the 3 other schools, moderating your work and providing examples of work to inform you of best practice.
The Art Department also has strong links with Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge and students will be able to partake in their workshops and make use of their facilities. Students will have the opportunity to exhibit their work in both local and national exhibitions in conjunction with The Royal Society of British Artists.

Resources & Facilities
The Art Barn houses a studio style artist environment with individual work spaces for each student. We also have a photography studio with PCs & Apple Macs for editing, as well as lighting equipment for digital and traditional photography. There is also a darkroom for traditional photography processing and printing. Film making and animation makes use of the
excellent media facilities available.

Course Outline
The Art & Design course is designed to offer students ways of developing the personal skills and attributes needed to further their careers in the arts and design industries. With an emphasis on practical projects you will benefit from our excellent studio facilities for art, digital art, film making, animation and photography as well as being given regular opportunities to exhibit and discuss your work with tutors
and peers.

Where will it lead to?
Foundation course in Art & Design, or a degree course. Students have gone on to careers in Graphic Design, Product Design, Fashion Design, Interior Design, Art and Art Teaching. Many students from this course go on to national and international careers in the Creative Arts field.