BTEC Level 3 Subsidiary Diploma in Business

BTEC Business is a taught over 2 years and is comprised of 6 units (4 compulsory and 2 optional from the 36 available), the course is equivalent to 1 A level and covers a wide range of business areas and will provide students with opportunities to understand how businesses work.

Compulsory units

1 –Business Environment
Covering types of business and the impact of political, legal and social factors.

2 – Business Resources
Covering Human resources and management. Financial statements and resources and technology in business.

3 – Marketing
Market research and the role of Marketing in planning and development of a business.

4 – Business communication
Studying different types of communication and the issues and constraints relating to information.

Optional units

5 – Business accounting
Extending unit 2 to cover cash flow forecasting, profit and loss and business performance.

6 – Internet marketing
Extending unit 3 to cover new marketing technologies, multimedia, social media and online shopping Why choose BTEC Level 3 Subsidiary Diploma in Business?

The course

Business studies will provide you with an opportunity to learn about a wide variety of jobs within the business environment.
From Human resources, project management and accountancy to marketing and event organisation and help you plan your next step.

Where will it lead to?

Business studies provides a wide gateway to higher education and real jobs. Students have gone on to University, higher level apprenticeships and work. University – recently students from business have gone on to study finance, film production, music production and business.

Higher level apprenticeships – students have continued their studies in the work environment taking apprenticeships in accountancy and finance.

Work – students have successfully gained employment in the banking industry.