Food Science

An understanding of food science and nutrition is relevant to many industries and job roles. Care providers and nutritionists in hospitals use this knowledge, as do sports coaches and fitness instructors. Hotels and restaurants, food manufacturers and government agencies also use this understanding to develop menus, food products and policies that that support healthy eating initiatives. Many employment opportunities within the field of food science and nutrition will be available to you if you study this qualification. This course will really extend your knowledge of food, balancing some practical with theory content giving you the ability to analyse your own and others diets and how to improve them. The facilities at HC6 are excellent facilities and our specialist teachers are supportive and approachable, ensuring that you are stretched and challenged in a positive environment so as to meet your academic goals.

Career Prospects:

  • Nutritionist
  • Sensory Scientist
  • Product Development
  • Personal Trainer
  • Home Economist
  • Quality Assurance
  • Food Buyer
  • Food Technologist
  • Food Writer
  • Microbiologist
  • Food Scientist
  • Teacher

Complementary Subjects:

  • Applied Science
  • PE
  • Biology
  • Chemistry