Do you suffer from Geosophy? This is the desire to learn more about the world around you. So, are you interested in studying Geography further? You should be, as Geography tackles BIG local, national and global issues! The world in which we live is likely to change more in the next 50 years than ever before. Geography will explain why, and prepare you for these changes.

The transferable skills that Geography develops are an asset in the world of work today. Geography is all about the future, and encourages flexible thinking. Geographers are good communicators, are spatially aware, good at problem solving, are well rounded flexible thinkers and are computer literate.

This is achieved through a variety of thinking skills, field visits, role play and decision making activities and through current affairs media.

Course outline

Over the two-year course you will gain a solid grounding in both human and physical geography within a multitude of integrated geographical skills. The physical topic areas studied are water/carbon cycles in context, coasts, deserts and hazards. The human topic areas studied are global systems and global governance, changing places and population and the environment. There will be two exam components: Physical Geography and Human Geography, both of which are two and a half hour exams and each form 40% of the final grade. The final 20% comes from the Geographical Investigation which is completed individually and based on the data collected in the field. The 3-4,000 word investigation is internally assessed and can relate to any area of the specification of interest to the candidate.


Each student is provided with an AQA textbook, in addition to this reading they are encouraged to keep a log of wider reading they complete from sources such as Geography Review and National Geographic. Students will expericence residential fieldwork for 4 days. Previous locations have included New York City, Venice, the Lake District and the London Docklands. The aim is to practise geographical skills. Furthermore, to support students learning experience we visit Cambridge University and UEA for Geography themed lectures.

Where will it lead to?

Geography is compatible with all other A Levels due to the wide variety of skills and issues studied throughout the course. Possible careers: Lawyer, British Antarctic Survey Environmental Officer, Charity Work, Diplomatic Service, Tour Guide, Journalist, Teacher, Town Planner, Cartographer, Market Researcher, Meteorologist, GIS, Storm Chaser, Weather Person, News Reader... and many more!