The study of modern languages will help you to understand the language in speech and writing and to communicate confidently, as well as inform you about the contemporary society and culture of the countries studied. Such study itself can provide a basis for degree level study as well as being satisfying in itself.

Languages compatibility with other disciplines, particularly Science, Business, Art and Design and the Media make it an ideal choice for many students.

Course outline

Your will be encouraged to:
Listen and respond to a variety of authentic spoken sources.
Demonstrate flexibility when communicating in both speech and writing.
Use appropriate registers in written communication.
Manipulate the target language accurately to organise facts and ideas, present explanations, opinions and information in both speech and writing.
Understand and apply the grammatical system.
Transfer meaning from French to English and vice versa.
An interest in life in other countries particularly in Europe would be a good starting point for an A Level Languages course.
You will need to be prepared to go to France in order to develop your listening and speaking skills.
Students will be expected to undertake individual research for the topics covered.

Where will it lead to?

The course is especially suited to students interested in a wide range of career choices including; Finance, Law, Banking, Politics, Teaching and Tourism and Leisure. Languages have so much to offer everyone and with new government directives this will become even more of a necessity in the future.