Studying Music at A Level will allow you to develop your existing performance ability and if you already enjoy writing your own music or songs, you can use this ability and experience to learn how to develop your ideas into successful pieces. If you love listening to music, you will be guided to analytically grasp more about what makes the music you enjoy work so well.

In the future, Creativity is going to be one of the most important and in-demand skills at work. When business leaders across the world were surveyed, they voted creativity as the most important workplace skill to help their businesses survive and grow.

This means that the study of creative subjects, like Music, is becoming even more important and relevant to young people to give you the chance to succeed – whatever your ambitions. Whilst on the course you will also find many opportunities to develop and improve your personal wellbeing both independently and as part of a wider community. Throughout the duration of the two year course opportunities to perform live will be a reoccurring theme within the timetabled lesson and the wider community Sixth Form and school community at annual concerts and shows.

Career Prospects:

  • Arranger
  • Arts Administrator
  • Music Journalist
  • Music Therapist
  • Musician
  • Sound Engineer
  • Jingle Writer
  • Music Manager
  • Composer
  • Music Critic
  • Outreach Officer for orchestras
  • Peripatetic Music Tutor
  • Music Scholar
  • Music Teacher

Complementary Subjects:

  • Drama
  • History
  • Film Studies
  • English Literature