Photography will provide you with the opportunity to work on a broad study of photographic techniques and learn how to experiment and take photographs in your own personal style. This is an endorsed course run by the AQA examining body and you will learn both digital and darkroom processes while investigating the artistic and technical elements of photography. The course also allows you to look at the work of important photographers and study their techniques with technical support from experienced staff. You will develop practical skills using a variety of film and digital format cameras and learn lighting techniques in our fully equipped studio.

Resources & Facilities

We have a recently refurbished photography & Media suite which enables you to access a studio with lighting, and facilities for digital photography including a selection of digital cameras which can be used in school. There is also a darkroom where black & white 35mm photography can be investigated. We have access to software including the Adobe Creative Suite including Photoshop, Illustrator and In Design.

For this course you will need access to a digital camera of 4 mega pixels or greater to ensure a high quality outcome, and the ability to switch aperture & shutter priority. A 35mm would be useful but can be borrowed from the department. Although the department does have a range of its own digital cameras, your own camera will give you the opportunity to work outside of the school environment and practice the skills you have learnt.

Course Outline

The full A level course is made up of a coursework portfolio of projects, research & techniques, an extended study with a written component of no less than a 1000 words, and a final examination unit.

Where will it lead to?

Careers that could be open to students include: Photographer, Wedding Photographer, Photo Journalist, Cinematographer, Forensic Photographer, and others.