Sixth Form Leadership Team (6LT)

The 6LT is a wonderful opportunity to create change within the sixth form that the students want, whilst also creating a sense of unity and representation for all.
The 6LT is the hub of the Sixth Form - a modern 6th form council. The 6LT is comprised of sub divisions which cover all aspects of Sixth Form life. Each representative manages and organises their own committee to make things happen!
The 6LT is a fantastic way for students to immerse themselves in Sixth Form life whether students want to lead the way in which the Sixth Form is shaped by becoming an elected representative on the leadership team itself or take a supporting role by becoming a member of one of the committees there is something for everyone. The 6LT are led by the president and vice president who oversee the 6LT budget and the team as a whole (as well as delivering their ideas and arguments to the staff leadership team).