Haverhill Community Sixth Form


Studying chemistry will enable you to delve deeper into the kinetics and energetics of chemical reactions to help to understand why they happen and indeed why they do not. You will also learn different mechanisms by which reactions take place and why.

The Chemistry A-level is a versatile course due to the transferable skills you will develop throughout over the two-years. The practical course within this A-level will enhance your use of specific equipment.

It will prepare you for the study of this subject or other sciences at university through the investigations. You will have the opportunity to advance your analytical skills to identify compounds or components of a solution.

By learning this skill, you will gain an insight into forensic work. Chemistry is an important part of the pharmacology industry and as part of the Pharmacological Chemistry unit you will consider how to synthesise molecules (such as aspirin, paracetamol, and ibuprofen) before making and analysing samples of Aspirin.

This course and the teachers at HC6 will not only prepare you to achieve highly at A-level but also to build on the skills needed for your future career. 

Course details

Qualification: A-level

Exam Board: AQA

Exam make-up: Individual exam (100%) / Coursework (0%)

Unit Titles: In Year 12 you will study, the elements of life, developing fuels, under the sea, the ozone story, organic analysis and soaps, scents, and flavours. You will then build on these units in Year 13 and, in addition, you will study pharmacological chemistry, amazing metals, oceans, polymers and life and the synthesis puzzle.

Key skills required: To have a passion for understanding more about atoms and reactions. To enjoy carrying out practical chemistry both independently and as a team. To be inquisitive and like analysing and problem solving. 

Entry Requirements: Grade 6/6 in Combined Science or Grade 6 in Chemistry at GCSE

Career prospects:

  • Patent Attorney 
  • Medicine, Medicinal Chemistry, Pharmacology 
  • Science Teacher, Lecturer 
  • Dentistry 
  • Environmental Consultant, 
  • Science Journalist 
  • Energy Sustainability 
  • Research Scientist 
  • Geochemist 
  • Chemical Engineer, Materials Engineer 
  • Cosmetics and Fragrances 
  • Analytical / Bioanalytical Chemist, 
  • Consultant 
  • Forensic Scientist 

Complementary subjects: Maths, Physics, Biology, Geography and Further Maths

Staff details

Name: Ms Bailey

Degree Subject: Chemistry

University studied at: Oxford University (Somerville College)


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A Level/BTEC grade achieved: gggg
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