Haverhill Community Sixth Form

Supervised Study

Most students will study three A Level courses or vocational equivalents as their core offer. Some students, typically those who achieved 9/8/7 grades at GCSE, will study four. 

Alongside these timetabled lessons students will also have timetabled supervised study sessions within the school day so that they can continue to advance their learning and academic development outside of the classroom. 

Typically Post 16 students should be spending about 40 hours per week on their studies. This is equivalent to a “normal working week”.

Some students will do less, and some will do more and at the end of the year it will show. Please remember that you have chosen to be a full-time professional student – do not let things get in the way of your success.

At HC6, we have a dedicated Sixth Form study block that is for our year 12 and year 13 students only.

Within this block you will have access to two group study rooms, one silent study room and an ICT suite providing you with a calm, professional environment in which to work.

Furthermore, the school library also offers students a space to extend their learning outside of the classroom. 

The HC6 study block also has its own café where you can purchase hot and cold drinks as well as food throughout the day.