Haverhill Community Sixth Form

Extended Project Qualification (EPQ)

At HC6 you will be given the opportunity to complete the Extended Project Qualification (EPQ).

This is an additional qualification to the three or four subject choices that you make on enrolment with us. Should you choose to take on the EPQ, you will begin the course in the summer term of Year 12.

The EPQ prepares you for further study at university, it is structured just as a degree level research task would be.

You are the one in command, you have the responsibility to choose a research topic or question. You then study the area in depth, asking probing questions and completing both primary and secondary research to produce a substantial written essay or to create an artefact.

You will complete the EPQ by presenting your findings to an audience of 10 or more people. 

Should you successfully complete the qualification, you will be awarded a grade as with your other subjects and simultaneously gain the equivalent of half an A Level in UCAS points.

This course is for students who already have superb time management and who work well independently.

It will equip you with another high-quality attribute to include within your personal statements or CV.