Haverhill Community Sixth Form

The Future We Build

Haverhill Community Sixth Form has helped to build futures and give direction to many, many students over the years. We are a Sixth Form that gives back to our local community.

We want our students to leave us with the best academic qualifications they can, but also with the confidence, cultural capital and social skills they need to make their way in the world with aspiration, bravery and compassion.

The impact of our future building can be seen in the number of our alumni who return to the area to follow careers in areas such as Research, Education, and Engineering, and who are keen to come back into HC6 to share their experiences.

We want today’s students to be tomorrow’s role models.

We are excited to share with you the bespoke aspirations programme we can offer here at Haverhill Community Sixth Form to allow you to build your future. Come and build it with us.