Haverhill Community Sixth Form

Drama and Theatre

By choosing to study Drama you will benefit from its many obvious opportunities. For instance, the subject will help to develop your voice, use of language, acting style whilst also exposing you to live theatre experiences.

All of this will be heightened further by the simultaneous develop of the hidden benefits of studying Drama at A-level that make the subject one of the most important within the curriculum.

Drama is one of the very few subjects that teaches empathy and how to deal with the emotions of others through explorative workshops a skill that will aid you in further education and the world of work across all sectors.

Moreover, Drama teaches you to become a master of organisation and time management. Due to amount of rehearsal time, deadlines for performances and regular trips to the theatre, the subject will guide you to become a confident decision maker and effective planner.

The subject also supports you to foster your ability to give and receive constructive criticism to develop your skills and make excellent progress. 

Course details

Qualification: A-level

Exam Board: Pearson Edexcel

Exam make-up: Individual exam (70%) / Coursework (30%)

Unit Titles: Component 1 – Devising. Component 2 – Text in performance. Component 3 – Theatre makers in practice.

Key skills required: Ability to have practical focus. To engage in a performance text. Ability to deconstruct the themes and issues surround the styles of Drama. To be able to communicate in a calm, friendly and creative way. 

Entry Requirements: Grade 5 in Drama at GCSE

Career prospects:

  • Actor 
  • Theatre Director, Theatre Producer or Theatre Manager, 
  • TV Journalist, TV/Film Producer and TV/Film Director 
  • Dancer, Choreographer 
  • Set Designer, Arts Administrator or Costume Designer 
  • Writer 
  • Teacher 

Complementary subjects: Music, English Literature, History, Film Studies and Psychology.

Staff details

Name: Miss Cracknell

Degree Subject: Drama

University studied at: Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge

Drama and Theatre

“I would never have applied for, or even considered a future in Theatre unless l had studied A-Level Drama.

It provided me with the skills, enjoyment and confidence needed in order to be where l am today.”

Alice Field Rayner
A Level/BTEC grade achieved: C
Studied at York University