Haverhill Community Sixth Form

English Language

At HC6, the study of English Language will be delivered by subject specialists who are experienced, enthusiastic, and knowledgeable. They will bring the subject to life and ensure you see the study of linguistics as more than words on the page.

English Language is the study of the way in which writers craft texts to convey meanings. You will explore a range of texts from all modes, genres and periods.

You will also study the theoretical study of English language. This will enable you to explore gender, power, class, age, ethnicity and its influence on the way in which we use English language and communicate with each other in all facets of our lives.

Studying English Language will develop your ability to assess texts analytically, establish patterns and consider critically how the contexts of writers and receivers affect the meanings conveyed. We pride ourselves in ensuring all students, whatever their future aspirations, gain from their study of English Language. 

Course details

Qualification: A-level

Exam Board: AQA

Exam make-up: Individual exam (80%) / Coursework (20%)

Unit Titles: Paper 1 – Language, the Individual and Society. Paper 2 – Language Diversity and Change. Coursework – Language in Action. 

Key skills required: Meticulous and sensitive data assessment, ability to identify patterns across a broad set of texts/pieces, critical thinking. 

Entry Requirements: Grade 5 in English Literature or Language at GCSE. 

Career prospects:

  • Education 
  • Journalism 
  • Marketing 
  • Advertising 
  • Law 
  • Publishing 
  • Civil Servant 

Complementary subjects: English Literature, History, Maths, Sociology and Film Studies.

Staff details

Name: Miss Maddock

Degree Subject: Comparative Literature

University studied at: University of Kent Canterbury

English Language

“I would recommend studying English Language, as it opens so many doors for you career wise. Studying the course at HC6 was such an enjoyable and positive experience that I decided to further my knowledge in this subject and study English Language and Linguistics at university.

Acquiring a degree in English Language equipped me with so many fundamental tools and skills which can be applied in any job.”

Lauren Sullivan
A Level grade achieved: A
Studied at University of Kent