Haverhill Community Sixth Form

Further Mathematics

Further Maths acts as a fourth subject on a student’s curriculum (it cannot be the first, second or third subject). It must be taken alongside the Maths A-level and requires strong mathematical skills.

When it comes to the planning and creation of any building, from small homes to huge skyscrapers, maths is at the core of the process.

Studying A-level Further Maths can open the door to several jobs in this field. The course also pairs well with the sciences and facilitates jobs in medicine or research – making anyone who is thinking of applying to Oxbridge a contender to take on the subject at HC6.

Technology supports nearly every part of our lives and maths is the undercurrent of that. Maths is the language of the future and the teachers at HC6 will navigate you towards success. 

Course details

Qualification: A-level

Exam Board: AQA

Exam make-up: Individual exam (100%) / Coursework (0%)

Unit Titles: Unit 1 – Pure. Unit 2 – Discrete. Unit 3 – Mechanics. Unit 4 – Statistics.

Key skills required: Excellent problem-solving skills, analytic skills, research skills, independent study skills. 

Entry Requirements: Grade 7 Maths at GCSE. 

Career prospects:

  • Acoustic Consultant 
  • Actuarial Analyst 
  • Actuary 
  • Astronomer 
  • Chartered Accountant 
  • Cyber Intelligence Officer 
  • Data Scientist 
  • Game Designer 
  • Investment Analyst 
  • Quantity Surveyor 
  • Research Scientist 
  • Software Engineer 

Complementary subjects: Chemistry, Physics, Geography, French and Maths.

Staff details

Name: Phil Butterworth

Degree Subject: Mathematics

University studied at: University of Nottingham

Further Maths


A Level/BTEC grade achieved: ggggg
Studied at gggg