Haverhill Community Sixth Form

Science Vocational

Throughout the two-year duration of study on this course learners will foster their passion for science in a variety of topics.

Accompanying this will be the development of multiple transferrable skills that you will advance to a high standard, you will become confident in your scientific ability resulting in providing you with the foundations required for a career or further study in any aspect across Biology, Chemistry or Physics.

This is a hands-on and practical course. Learners will complete multiple investigations and experiments that will span across a wide spectrum of skills and applications alongside a range of research assignments taught from one of our many ICT suites. 

Course details

Qualification: BTEC Level 3

Exam Board: AQA

Exam make-up: Individual exam (100%) / Coursework (0%)

Content: Principles and applications of science, practical scientific procedures and techniques, science investigation skills and physiology of human body systems. 

Key skills required: Reading scientific and technical texts, effective writing, practical skills and analytical skills. 

Entry Requirements: Four Grade 4’s or above at GCSE level including either English or Maths. 

Career prospects:

  • Research Scientist 
  • Lab Technician 
  • Lab Support Staff 
  • Science Teacher 
  • Chemical Engineer 
  • Science Consultant 
  • Analytical Scientist 

Complementary subjects: Health and Social Care, Sport, Food Science and Nutrition, Uniformed Services

Staff details

Name: Miss H Neale

Degree Subject: Biochemistry

University studied at: University of Reading

Science Vocational


A Level/BTEC grade achieved: gggg
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